State Agricultural Management & Extension Training Institute Sameti, Jharkhand

An Autonomous body under Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Cooperative, Govt. of Jharkhand

Success Story

   Success Story :  2018-19 (1st released)

 Video Spot of Success Stories during 2016-17 on You tube 

             Successful Case Studies of SAMETI.

  1. SAMETI Managing Agriculture Better

  2. Revolutionizing  Agriculture - The Information Technology Way.

              Successful Case Studies of ATMA, Dumka (Download in PDF)

  1. Basmatta Basks in Attention

  2. Fishing no more in Choppy waters.

  3. Majhiha no more at the crossroads.

  4. Flowers too can pay

  5. Weaving a good fortune.

              Successful Case Studies of ATMA, Jamtara (Download in PDF)

  1. Making a difference through the greens.

  2. Yesterday's waste is today's buzz

  3. Laying golden eggs.

  4. Earn lakhs from lac

  5. Farmer's sweat sweetens bitter gourd.

  6. 'Shipping' goodwill and success.

              Successful Case Studies of ATMA, W. Singhbhum    (Download in PDF)

  1. Growing green with none to envy

  2. From battle grounds to the fields.

  3. Sweet is the fruit of labor.

  4. Tapping the prosperity crawling beneath.

  5. Hybrid rice breeds content.

  6. I.T. Success Story of ATMA, West Singhbhum

             Successful Case Studies of ATMA, Palamau (Download in PDF)

  1. Quality seeds no longer a dream.

  2. Mushroom fillip for Palamau.

  3. Riding high on cooperative farming.

  4. Vermicompost manna for resource starved farmers.