• To Develop systematic linkage between State, Regional and International Institution of outstanding accomplishment in the field of Agricultural Extension Management.
  • To gain insight into Agricultural Extension Management System and Policies together with problems and constraints at each step and stage.
  • To identify, appreciate and develop modern management tools, techniques in problem solving approaches utilizing the mechanism of personal management, resource management, input management and finally the conflict management at the organization level.
  • To develop skill on organizing need based field programme for training and re-training of senior and field level functionaries for executing extension programme.
  • To conduct programme oriented researches in the area of Agricultural Extension Management as a sequel to provide feedback to training programme. Such kind and types of researches will generally be undertaken on the recommendation and issues emanating from training and vice-versa.
  • To serve as repository of ideas and develop information, regional communication and documentation service etc. in regard to the subject of Agricultural Extension Management.
  • To forge linkage with national and regional institution under suggested programme of institutional collaboration and employment of consultants.