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Documentaion of Success Stories under NATP-ITD, Rain Water Management, Advance course In IT, Workshop on ATMA Model

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  1. Preservation of important vegetables & fruits of Jharkhand.

  2. "SAMETI News: the 5th newsletter Published (June'05 issue).

  3. Gair Paramparak Postik Khadya Utpad (Technical Bulletin-Hindi)

  4. Sustainable Development of Horticulture Crops in Jharkhand-Recommendation

  5. ATMA- Zila Star Par Krishi Prasar Ka Naya Ayam (Hindi)

  6. Fasalo Me Kit Prabandhan (Hindi)

  7. Krishi Chetra Me Suchna Prodyogiki Bikas Ke Naya Ayam.(Hindi).

  8. Jharkhand me Adrakh Ki Kheti.(Technical Folder- Hindi)

  9. "SAMETI News: the 6ht Newsletter published (Dec' 2005 Issue)

  10. Jharkhand me Til Ki Kheti.(Technical Folder- Hindi)

  11. Jharkhand me Tisi Ki Kheti.(Technical Folder- Hindi)

  12. Jharkhand me Sarguja Ki Kheti.(Technical Folder- Hindi)

  13. Jharkhand me Soybean ki Kheti.(Technical Folder- Hindi)

  14. Jharkhand me Masur Ki Kheti.(Technical Folder- Hindi)

  15. Jharkhand me Chane Ki Kheti.(Technical Folder- Hindi)