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Documentaion of Success Stories under NATP-ITD, Advance course In IT, Workshop on ATMA Model, New Technology of Agriculture Extension

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Annual Training Calendar (2015-16)- Draft  in pdf format


Training Calendar (2015-16] 

Sl No.

Name of the Training/Workshop/Seminar/Exposure



No. of Participants  Beneficiaries List

Group Photo/ Photo 

Press Coverage
1. Workshop on Development State Extension Work Plan (2015-16) 10th April, 2015 SAMETI, Ranchi 37 List 
2. Training Planning Workshop for SAMETI 18-19 June, 2015 SAMETI, Ranchi 40 List 
3. Review cum Experience Sharing Workshop for ATMA districts  31st July, 2015 SAMETI, Ranchi 44 List 
4. GOI-State Coordinated Workshop on ÏCT Initiatives in Agriculture" 13th Aug, 2015 BAU, Ranchi 63 List  PIC1 |PIC2| PIC3 |PIC4|PIC5
5 One Day  Orientation Workshop for Plant Protection Functionaries Under Sub Mission of Agricultural Extension  3rd Aug, 2015 SAMETI, Ranchi 43 List
6 MANAGE-SAMETI Collaborative Training on Agriculture Knowledge Management" 24-27 Aug, 2015 SAMETI, Ranchi 27 List  Group Photo
7 MANAGE-SAMETI Collaborative Training Programme on Revitalization of Rainfed Agriculture with special reference to Livestock. 6-9 Oct, 2015 BAU, Ranchi 32 List Group Photo
8 SAMETI-ATMA-KVK Collaborative Training Programme on Application of ICT under SMAE 8-10 Oct, 2015 KVK, Chatra 30 List Group Photo
9 SAMETI-ATMA collaborative Workshop on Development of Capacity Building under SMAE 10-12 Oct, 2015 Deoghar 40 List
10. One day workshop on Operationalization of Krishak Pathsala and Crop Demonstration  10.11.2015 SAMETI 33
11 Knowledge Portal and Social Media Tools in Agriculture Development” 1-3 March, 2016 SAMETI 22
12 Planning and Layout of Fruits & Vegetable Farming for High Production and Productivity  10-12 March, 2016 KVK, Palamau 27
13 ICT Initiatives - Farmers Portal, MkIsan and KCC for Animal Husbandry Officer of Jharkhand


15th March, 2016 SAMETI 40